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Dynamic Simulation
transient processes and operations

Time-dependent parameters of a water filtering system




... is the representation of time-dependent, continuously operating processes, systems, plants and of their controls.



Why do it?
  • sound engineering practice, as the design should assess the transient operation of processes, systems, plants, not only their steady-state operation
  • practical, as it can solve engineering problems that otherwise are difficult to or cannot be solved
  • reliable and accurate, once the simulation is validated
  • economical:
    • substantially less expensive than a pilot installation
    • optimization
    • errors avoidance
    • reduction of commissioning time (e.g.: controllers preliminary tuning, operators pre-training, etc.)


  • feasibility studies
  • design
  • implementation and comissioning
  • operation and troubleshooting
  • modernization and upgrading
  • training


  • definition of the process, system, plant to be simulated
  • collection and definition of design basis and input data
  • development of mathematical models
  • development and validation of simulation model
  • simulation run
  • analysis, conclusions, recommendations

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