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Reduce your utility bills 5% - 20% with this        easy-to-use energy mangement tool !

In addition to our engineering services and courses, we also offer licences to our proprietary software for Monitoring, Targeting and Forecasting (MT&F) utilities consumption and costs. TdS Dixon Inc. of Waterloo, Canada had a substantial contribution in the development of the early, linear regression, single-variable versions of the tool.

The tool is mainly used for energy management purposes, however any other type of dependencies can be analysed with it. The outstanding feature of the tool is its capability of analyzing the dependencies (e.g.: of energy consumption, etc.) on two influential factors simultaneously, using various types of regression. 

Using the Cumulative Sum (CUSUM) of differences between actual consumption and a base line, this Excel-based, easy-to-use tool allows the identification of changes in the dependency patern and of the absolute value in time relative to a base line, for current and for historical data. These points of patern change allow then the identification of positive or negative modifications of operation or of systems that generated the pattern changes, and measures can be taken to reduce the utillity costs.

The tool can also be used for targeting and forecasting the consumption as a function of future values of influential factors, such as the energy consumption vs. future production rate, etc.

Detailed description and a free evaluation file are also available on this website.

Public domain guidelines for the use of this type of tool can also be downloaded by clicking HERE.


The license for the MT&F tool can be ordered HERE by plant personnel, facility managers and other end users. 

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