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Two-variable MT&F Tool
  Two-for-One License

The license for the MT&F tool may be purchased by plant personnel, facility managers and other end users, following the directions indicated in the next paragraphs. 

The cost of a license is US$550 plus 13% HST (Harmonized Services Tax). You may install the software on two computers at the same site 

The 1st year maintenace fee is included in the license fee. It entitles you in the first year to free upgrades and to providing feedback for improving the tool. The subscription fee to maintenance in subsequent years is US$100.00/year plus 13% HST. One hour online training is available for $150.00 plus 13% HST.

Fill in the following form to download a 3-day functional free evaluation file of the tool and relevant publications regarding its use and application.

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License Order

Click HERE to contact us  and order your MT&F tool.


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