DB Engineering


Services and Expertise


  • Definition of design bases and assumptions
  • Trade-off, scoping, feasibility studies
  • Concept, process, preliminary, detailed design
  • Field measurements
  • Advanced analyses and computer-based simulations
  • Materials and energy balances
  • On-site energy audits and energy analyses/assessments
  • Utility consumption Monitoring, Targeting, Forecasting
  • On-site/Off-site energy management courses and training 
  • Corporation/plant energy management programs
  • Preparation of SR&ED technical submitals


  • Off-gas, fugitives emission control and other industrial systems
  • Energy management, co-generation, GHG emision reductions
    • Energy audits, consumption profiles, monitoring and targetting
    • Energy analyses (typical energy cost savings : 7 - 15%)
    • Energy and materials balances
    • Assistance to plant energy management program set-up, implementation and assistance for utilities program
    • Training, coaching and courses (on-site and off-site)
    • Co-generation, energy-from-waste, steam systems modernization, energy efficiency increase, simulation
  • Advanced Design Analyses
    • Fluid mechanics and heat transfer applied to process engineering
    • CFD/CHT
    • FEA
    • Dynamic simulations (continuous and discrete) of transient process and controls, operation optimization and troubleshouting
    • Pipes/ducts networks solving (flow and pressure distribution)
    • Kilns, dryers, calciners modelling
    • Power/co-generation/steam systems simulation

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